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Bore Stain Removal

Bore Stain Cleaning

Bore stains can quickly accumulate and ruin the curb appeal of your driveway, garden path, and brick wall.

If the stains are left for too long, the rust and iron-like bore stains can become almost impossible to clean/remove.

Before we start and quote bore stain removal pressure clean services we need to inspect the surface of the bore stain to establish the best cleaning method that is the best solution for removal.


Our expertise in bore stain removal will ensure that we take the correct approach to remove the bore stains with a combination of high-pressure cleaning and maintenance services with the right cleaning solution.

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Once the bore water stains have been removed from the surfaces of your property, we can apply a sealant and protective coating to prevent re-occurrence of these rust stains and to allow ease of cleaning, paving the way to your driveways or any concrete irrigation in your property in the future. With the proper preventative maintenance, you can stop bore stains from becoming a bigger problem.

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Our equipment and experience with bore stain removal means that we can offer an affordable, effective, and professional bore removal pressure cleaning solution throughout Perth, Australia. Bore stains can cause more problems if you don't stay on top of it.

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